Thinking in the Future Tense by Jennifer James (Keynote Speaker) | IT4K12

Topic: “Thinking in the Future Tense”

One of the most difficult aspects of adapting to rapid change, particularly when it is accompanied by complex technology and multiplying data sources, is the need to give up old perspectives about the way things ought to be. What we learn as children and as professionals remains deeply embedded in our memory and is sometimes difficult to change if new ideas conflict with that memory.

We adapt easily to new technology, we accommodate new economic structures because we must, we welcome new workers and clients because we are social animals, but we often resist changing our perspectives, our patterns and our models of operation and interaction.

When resistance to change engenders conflict between our overt and covert belief systems the adaptive education professional is the essential bridge between the past and the future. The technological sophistication of even 6 year olds is leaving too many of us behind. It is educators who must learn quickly both the new technologies and the changing cultural norms so they may lead students, parents and their community.

Jennifer James is well known to audiences around the world for her innovative ideas. She works on an international level, helping people meet the challenges of today’s transitions. Her speeches center on the dynamics of change and the development of thinking skills. Dr. James is a specialist in areas of cultural change, diversity and marketing intelligence.


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